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April 2021 Newsletter Historic Person Societies

Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is not the only person from history to have a dedicated society. For this newsletter I have reviewed similar societies to see what might be gleaned. RHS members may consider it poetic justice that Isaac Newton does not have a society, but Nottingham Trent University has n...

March 2021 Newsletter Meteorology

Robert Hooke and Meteorology: His Promotion of Citizen Science   In 1667 Robert Hooke notes in his diary ‘Rainy morn’.  It may be just one small entry for the acclaimed physicist, but it’s a giant leap for meteorology.  Read in conjunction with Hooke’s di...

January 2021 The Monument

A London Landmark moonlights as a Physics Lab                                                    The Monument’s spiral staircase allowed precision measurement...

November 2020 Newsletter

ENEMIES OF THE MICROSCOPE               Margaret Cavendish Duchess Newcastle-upon-Tyne1623-1673                      &n...

October 2020 Newsletter

Robert Hooke The Royal Society’s Microscopist - Author Terry Hope ​   Fig. 1: Engraving of the head of a fly, from Micrographia   At school aged about fifteen I learnt Hooke’s law in a physics class. It was dry stuff loading a spri...

September 2020 Newsletter - Shenfield Place

Shenfield Place is one of the few remaining country houses designed and built by Robert Hooke. It is positioned close to the nearby 13th century Shenfield Parish Church of ‘St Mary the Virgin’ and alongside the old Roman road, which was the main coaching route between London and Colchest...

Robert Hooke and his Interest in Clocks

Author:  Mike Blandford   Robert’s lifelong interest in anything mechanical naturally attracted him to the working of clocks. As a child; growing up in the West Wight, the only time he would have seen a clock, I suspect, is on visits to see Sir John Oglander at Nunwell House wi...

Memorial lunch 3 March 2020

Thirty members attended the annual Memorial Lunch which was held on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 being the date of Robert Hooke’s death.  We enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Royal Solent Yacht Club preceded by a light-hearted talk and slides on a Tour of Milton Keynes by one of our members, ai...

AGM January 2020

Twenty-nine members and seven visitors attended our AGM in January.  After running through the business of the evening our Chairman, headed a lively presentation aided by two Committee members.  The first demonstration was Prince Rupert's Drops which was performed under controlled cond...