About Us

Our Aims and Objectives

To promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the life and achievements of this great man.

The Robert Hooke Society was founded by Trevor Clarke in February 1992 with co-founders Richard S Nichols, Patricia M Phipps, Graham D Clarke and Joan L Drew. In 1993 there were 35 members:  21 from the UK, 1 from Switzerland, 2 from the USA and 2 from Japan. We reformed in about 2005 under the name of The Robert Hooke Society – Freshwater, and Trevor's exhibition was moved to the Planetarium, Fort Victoria. Its aims are to promote public awareness of the life and achievements of Robert Hooke, who was born on the Isle of Wight. It also seeks to encourage research into his life and career. The Society operates under a Constitution and is run by a Management Committee.

                           TREVOR CLARKE

The Society has bi-monthly meetings, celebrates Hooke’s birthday on July 18th and holds a memorial lunch on the day he died, 3rd March. The Annual General Meeting is held in January each year. Every December, the Society enters a Hooke themed tree into the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival. Ours is unique in being the only tree which rotates, representing Hooke’s Law of Springs.

The Society maintains a Robert Hooke Exhibition at the Island Planetarium, Fort Victoria. The Exhibition developed out of one put together by Trevor Clarke.

In 2009, the Society set up the 8.5-mile circular Robert Hooke Trail from Fort Victoria to Freshwater Bay, connecting sites on the Island associated with him. These are marked out by twelve plaques. The Society has produced a booklet describing the Trail. Every May, as part of the Isle of Wight Walking Festival, the Society leads two guided walks around part of the Trail.

There is a Robert Hooke Society page on Facebook where anyone can share relevant pictures or information with us.

Visitors are always welcome to our meetings.