December 2023 Newsletter Robert Hooke & Ramsbury Manor

Ramsbury Manor, Ramsbury, Wiltshire, on the River Kennet between Hungerford and Marlborough

Ramsbury Manor is a Grade I listed country house. The architect was Robert Hooke and the manor was built in 1681-1686 for the Attorney-General Sir William Jones.   The property is referred to as a perfect example of a moderate-size Carolean brick mansion. 

Almost eight years ago, the owner of the property Harry Hymans, a reclusive tycoon, left a hefty fortune for the property to be restored and opened to the public.  Mr Hymans bought the property in 1964 and used it to house his vast collection of art and vintage cars, worth 500 million pounds,  which on his death was left to the nation.  Before his death Mr Hymans set up the Capricorn Foundation to open the Manor to the public.  To date no opening time is in place!

An interesting fact -The Guiness Book of Records 1966 stated Ramsbury Manor to have been the most expensive house in Britain.